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About Wichtex Machinary Company

     Since 1930 Wichtex designers and builders have been watching their rigs work the oilfields. This has taught them how to build a rig to do just the job it is intended to do, the quickest and easiest, with the least amount of repair and upkeep.

     Wichtex Rigs offer extremely fast rig-up and tear-down due to hydraulic and automatic operations. Arrangements of controls, weight, hrosepower and working capacities for each rig are customized from the byer's wants and needs. This is what makes a Wichtex Rig something of which both the builder and the owner are proud.

All Wichtex Well Service Units are self contained, and can be changed from one type mounting to any other without altering the machine.

Upper and lower frames, on all models, are cross-braced and webbed solid with steel plate, and are reinforced at the bearings with channel iron.

Brakes are self-equalizing cam-operated, full wrapped type, with minimum adjustment.

Air friction clutches are standard. Manual friction or jaw clutches are optional.

All shafts are mounted on ball or roller bearings.

On models C-60, C-65, E-75, F-75, and E-90, the Tubing Drum and the Sand Reel flanges have removable self-cooling heavy ductile brake rings, and the drum cores are of seamless steel wall tubing. On Models E-1, TE-2 and C-30, all drums have reinforced self-cooling one-piece flanges.

Drum shafts and countershafts are constructed of alloy steel. Sprockets are steel, machine cut, and small sprockets are heat treated.

All models can be furnished with a double-arm spudding attachment for drilling cement, deepening, fishing, and other spudder jobs.

Wichtex Swab Rigs
Available with spooling capacities up to 7,500' of 9/16" line.

Typical Wichtex Drawworks
Wichtex Drawworks offer operational capacities from 5,000 to 12,000 feet, with such oil patch proven features as:
                      Free-floating drums
                      Ductile brake rings
                      Air-operated disc clutch
                      Non-asbestos brake blocks